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Raphael Sick 2

Raphael becoming sick

The Virus is a mysterious disese that causes the collapse of the DNA of its victims. So far its origin is unkown but it targets those altered by the Visitor experiments for breeding.

Uneasy Lies the HeadEdit

Durring the course of the episode two potential canddidates for breeding with Lisa are killed by a mysterious virus. The victims were in China and Johanesburg and both died from massive internal bleeding and genetic collapse. Raphael also falls victim to the virus but the Vistors are able to keep him alive untill they get all the Live Abord DNA samples to cure him. Despite this the origin of the virus remains a mystery for now.


Victims display no initial outward symptoms of infection and the incubation time of the virus is unkown. The virus only reveals its presance shortly before killing the victim. At this point the victim will freeze up and start convulsing slightly. They then bleed from their eyes and nose and vomit up a fleshy substance before death.


Has of yet the origin of the virus is a mystery and it is unkown if it is organic or artificial. Joshua informed Anna that the visitors had never encountered anything like it before and their science cant cure it; only delay its progress. Joshua's analysis reveals it is harmless to human and visitor but it thrives in the altered breeding program humans. Once it infects the victim it collapses the DNA structure of the victim leading to organ failiure and death.


Has of yet no definative cure or preventative mediece has been found. The visitors were able to save Raphael by giving him an ingection of the collected human DNA from the live aboard program to stabalise him.


  • A boy in China = Deceased
  • A Boy in Johansesburg = Deceased
  • Raphael= Saved by the visitors


  • The virus may be homage to the Red dust of the original series

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