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Tony Baker
Tony Baker
Tony Baker
Leader of the Wildcats
Ellen Baker - (sister)
Portrayed by
J.J. Cohen
(credited as Jeffrey Jay Cohen)
Tony was the leader of the Wildcats. At first he didn’t seem too enthused to join up with Kyle Bates and Willie, but is convinced when he realizes that diphtheria would kill them all. It is discovered quickly that there is a spy in the resistance/Wildcat team, and Tony is very touchy. Willy comes to tell Tony that Ellen has run off, and Tony sees his ripped wrist and discovers that Willie is a lizard. Kyle, Julie, and Elizabeth Maxwell vouch for Willie, but Ellen is more important to Tony at the time, so they run off to find her.

It is discovered that Andy is the traitor, although Tony doesn’t want to believe it. Tony goes with the resistance to lay down cover fire for Donovan, when Andy saves the day. Tony earns Kyle’s respect and vice versa.

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