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  • Aurabolt

    So much going on in just one episode!

    Before I continue, I want to remind my fellow V Wikia contributors all relevant changes should be updated accordingly after an episode aired. I was taken aback when I noticed the only two character pages that were up to date were Lisa and Hobbes' but that was because I updated them myself. By up to date, I mean they had been updated fairly regularly and there were no gaps unless they did not appear in an episode. I have gone ahead and removed the 1-sentence "update" I noticed on Val's Page because of the missing information. As a reminder: You can legally watch all the episodes free of charge at (everything's paid for by the prearranged advertisements). If you've missed any episodes, visit Hulu…

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  • Aurabolt

    Hello, fellow V fans!

    We're now well into the second part of season 1. The V-Cap was a nice gesture on ABC's part to bring newcomers up to speed and reminding those who watched the first episodes more would be coming. As they did with Lost and Invasion, ABC did not disappoint. Quite a bit about the Visitors, the Fifth Column and the everything inbetween's been expanded upon. As of Episode 10, we now know the following:

    -Valerie is about to give birth to a Human/Visitor baby

    -Hobbes has something the Vistors want.

    -The Fifith Column has a very negative public opinion

    -There's little Anna will not do to get her way.

    -Ryan, Joshua and as of Episode 10 Lisa can immune Anna's Bliss

    -Chad is milking Father Jack for info to bring to Anna.

    -Lisa has falle…

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