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Hello, fellow V fans!

We're now well into the second part of season 1. The V-Cap was a nice gesture on ABC's part to bring newcomers up to speed and reminding those who watched the first episodes more would be coming. As they did with Lost and Invasion, ABC did not disappoint. Quite a bit about the Visitors, the Fifth Column and the everything inbetween's been expanded upon. As of Episode 10, we now know the following:

-Valerie is about to give birth to a Human/Visitor baby

-Hobbes has something the Vistors want.

-The Fifith Column has a very negative public opinion

-There's little Anna will not do to get her way.

-Ryan, Joshua and as of Episode 10 Lisa can immune Anna's Bliss

-Chad is milking Father Jack for info to bring to Anna.

-Lisa has fallen in love with Tyler.

-Erica and Anna meet face to face.

-And more!

If people enjoy these podcasts I'll make it a weekly thing, either on Sundays or Wednesdays. I want to go back to Invasion and Lost for a second for two reasons. The first is like V, both had shaky first seasons and it was doubtful either would get a season 2 at first. The second is all three are Sci-Fi/Mystery hour-long Flicks. Of course, Invasion only lasted one Season (which was cemented when William Fitchner was hired by Fox for a recurring role on Prison Break) despite its huge fan following and petitions to continue the series by the online community. Shaun Cassidy left the door open for someone else to pick up where he left off for the right price but it's doubtful anyone would be willing. Lost, of course is one episode shy of its Series Finale. JJ Abrams deserves credit where it's due. Not only did Lost last an amazing six seasons but like Sex in the City and Seinfeld, he's ending the series while the ratings are still good.

The clear difference V has is of course it's a remake of the 1980s series of the same name. Like Knight Rider's remake, the new V is being followed by fans of the original series. The new V has the double challenge of not only maintaining solid ratings but making sure they do not stray too far from many of the things people liked about the original. I haven't seen the original and thus I'd rather not make comparisons based on what I've read. I will say that at the very least the new V deserves a Season 2. To an extent, it's ABC's fault for always setting up new hour-long series to make viewers assume there's gonna be a season 2 when in fact this isn't even discussed after the first 3 or so episodes. Setting fans up for disappointment's a good way to drive people to Fox, aka "PG Pay TV".

Anywho, that's just my 2-cents ^_^

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