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  • Bdore


    February 10, 2011 by Bdore

    WTF? We're posting synopses of episodes three or more in advance? Should those pages not have some sort of protection? Looking at season two episodes, I noticed a screencap I wasn't familiar with. No wonder; it's from episode 8.

    I'm as guilty as the next editor, but if Erica Freakin' Evans' page doesn't have season two references, why is there the energy to post synopses of the entire season?

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  • Bdore

    Long Break

    December 3, 2009 by Bdore

    So we have a long break before the next episode. Lots of time to reformat pages, etc. Quiet around here, eh?

    So Ty's "the one" but Val is pregnant. Will there be two hybrids, or does Anna have other plans for Ty and her daughter? And why did Ryan look surprised that his fiance is pregnant? Was he or was he not equipped to impregnate a human? (We already know that answer... or do we?).

    Does Chad really have an aneurysm, or is this yet another way the Vs are trapping him (sucker!).

    And here comes the Second Invasion. (Or is it the first?). How long 'til they get here. Is it Sirius again this time? Something that's been bothering me: if the Sirians have been Sirians the whole time, wouldn't we pick up bits of communications from there in radio or othe…

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  • Bdore

    Elizabeth's Mother

    November 12, 2009 by Bdore

    Who will mother/father "Elizabeth"? Will there be an Elizabeth?

    So I read that they want to pay at least a little homage to the old series with some similar scenes and plots. I understand that the rodent-eating scene is one idea. Will they have an Elizabeth too? So far, there aren't very good analogous relationships. However, there are at least two long-term, presumably intimate relationships between known Visitors and presumed Humans: Dale & Joselyn; Ryan & Valerie.

    On Tuesday night's show, the scene with Ryan and Valerie strongly implied their intimacy. Now, since they are not yet married, it's plausible that they would be preventing a pre-marital pregnancy. However, Erica acknowledges the probability of intimacy between Dale and Joselyn, si…

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