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Who will mother/father "Elizabeth"? Will there be an Elizabeth?

So I read that they want to pay at least a little homage to the old series with some similar scenes and plots. I understand that the rodent-eating scene is one idea. Will they have an Elizabeth too? So far, there aren't very good analogous relationships. However, there are at least two long-term, presumably intimate relationships between known Visitors and presumed Humans: Dale & Joselyn; Ryan & Valerie.

On Tuesday night's show, the scene with Ryan and Valerie strongly implied their intimacy. Now, since they are not yet married, it's plausible that they would be preventing a pre-marital pregnancy. However, Erica acknowledges the probability of intimacy between Dale and Joselyn, since they're already married. In this day-and-age, it's not out of the ordinary for a married couple to prevent a pregnancy. But, that's cause for some conflict if that wasn't a mutual decision. Can Dale father a child?

FWIW, of the two women, so far, Joselyn gets my vote as most likely to also be a Visitor. However, her surrender of Dale's phone records casts a bit of a shadow on that likelihood.

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