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So we have a long break before the next episode. Lots of time to reformat pages, etc. Quiet around here, eh?

So Ty's "the one" but Val is pregnant. Will there be two hybrids, or does Anna have other plans for Ty and her daughter? And why did Ryan look surprised that his fiance is pregnant? Was he or was he not equipped to impregnate a human? (We already know that answer... or do we?).

Does Chad really have an aneurysm, or is this yet another way the Vs are trapping him (sucker!).

And here comes the Second Invasion. (Or is it the first?). How long 'til they get here. Is it Sirius again this time? Something that's been bothering me: if the Sirians have been Sirians the whole time, wouldn't we pick up bits of communications from there in radio or other frequencies? Or is it too faint? Or did they stop using human-observable frequencies about 120 years ago?

David sacrificed himself for Joshua. I had a thought that that implicates Joshua regardless, but I lost my train of thought and reasoning. Anyway, Josh is still suspected anyway - he should have bailed. Then again, even if he dies a slow, painful death, I guess that's the sacrifice he's willing to give to us humans.

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