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Create for Drawing Post by Andypandy125

Visitors of Invations


Fifth column

  • Jamie
  • Andrew
  • Lee
  • Alex
  • Jan
  • charlie chinease skined fifth columnist visitor
  • Max African american
  • Emily
  • jackie
  • parker
  • nazeer middle eastern
  • Mitchell
  • Sarah
  • rose Fifth columnist Visitor
  • Nelson fifth columnis visitort communicating from inside informent
  • Jonus fifth Columnist visitor in hiding tech
  • Tiffini african american fifth columnist visitor in hiding goverment agent
  • Mathew fifth columnist visitor in hiding Husbend of Carol
  • Carol fifth Columnist visitor in hiding wife of carol
  • Dahlia fifth columnist informent
  • alexandria russian skinned Fifth columnist visitor in hidding
  • christine fifth columnist visitor in hiding
  • Gus african american skinned fifth columnist visitor in hiding
  • bell
  • Humans male and female


  • Commander John
  • Miller Commander Wife
  • Adam Commander Son
  • Gamme Commander Drouter
  • Visitors People's
  • supreme commander gabrial
  • kyle Gabrial Right hand Man
  • susie Merch
  • vincent commander
  • Brenda Commander
  • Wayne Brenda right hand man
  • lawerence admiral
  • Elaine Commander
  • Denise fighter Squadren Leader
  • lori gabrial left hand lady
  • Danny Commander
  • charlene commander
  • Benedict commander


  • tom
  • Ben
  • Veronica
  • Rick
  • phillip
  • owen
  • dahlia

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