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A hologram, showing Tyler's DNA

V holograms are rays of light which are compacted to form a solid object, one of which a person can touch. Holograms are found on the mothership and V Embassies and V Healing Centers.


V holograms are commonly found in V installations on Earth and on the mothership.

The holograms color screen is red, grey, blue and green, black and purple.

Users are able to access the holograms on the mothership anywhere they are, just by frisking there hand to gain access the V computer system. But on the V installations on Earth, they require computer devises to open a hologram, such as a devise which Marcus took to the FBI which presented a hologram.


The hologram showing the profile of Dale Maddox. Showing a box in V language saying "deceased"

V holograms can also show people. When Erica wanted to see Tyler at the Peace Ambassador Centre, she was taken into a room where she saw Tyler, she thought it was her son, until she went to grab him she realized it was hologram. V hologram technology can reconstruct objects which make people believe it's the real thing.

In some episodes, there has been a holograhic keyboard which allows a person to type, but not using physical devises to do so. However, it requires a devise to project the hologram. The keyboard setting is completely different than human keyboards. It has three groups of rhomboid groups of letters all in V language.

The holograms seem to open at the exact page the person who wants that page. It's possible the computer system responds to a persons thoughts on what page they want and just by frisking their hand will it open. So they have mastered telepathic computer technology.

A majority of the letters on the holograms are usely in V language. However, in some cases there has been words on the hologram in the english language.


Holograms also allow for people to be in two places at the same time. On the mothership in meetings, there is

The captains of the 29 ships (All holograms)

a blue V shaped device with a stalk on the bottom. It's designed to project an actual image of the person and make it 3D instead of 2D. The device allow for people to not have to travel to different motherships, instead, be on the one they are and be in the meeting.


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