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"Now my eggs need nourishment"

- Anna shortly before devouring this V

V mate orgasm
Deceased (devoured by Anna)
Visitors Soldier
Anna - Mate
Army offspring (deceased)
Portrayed by

This Visitor was mate was a soldier who Anna mated with to spawn an army, then was devoured by his queen for nourishment.


Season 1Edit


The V is chosen as Anna's mate

This soldier was among the few that were brought to Earth with the initial 29 ships. Seeking to spawn an army to crush the growing resistance Anna ordered the captains of the 29 ships to send their best soldiers, this mate being among them, to the mothership and have them undergo a full medical examination to weave out any genetically flawed hosts. This mate, and 7 others, passed their tests and were assembled in the breeding chamber where Joshua informed them that the future of their species depends on their loyalty as Anna enters, wearing nothing but a silk gown. After smelling through them she deems this mate the best of them and soon after he is prepared in the chamber.

Anna preparing her anxious V for the mating

The v is stripped fully naked and placed on a rubber mat with steam as he nervously awaited to impregnate his queen. Eventually Anna entered the room, positioned the mate correctly, then disrobed in front of him as she sat atop him as they entered their union. The V mate immediately felt a reaction to the union of their bodies but tried to hide it, then Anna lay atop him, pushing his head to the left as she looked to the right and rested her body on top of his. The mate was not allowed to touch her, kiss her or even hump her himself, instead Anna leaned up his body and then back down thrusting his penis into her for him.
Morena Baccarin sex

The v being tormentingly mated by Anna.

However the lack of involvement on his behalf and torment of being denied the sensation of touching his queen caused the mate extreme torment. As a result the v heavily ejaculated into Anna, enough to eventually birth thousands of soldiers, but as they were midway through their ritual Anna abruptly ceased the act, much to his annoyance, put her robe back on and simply declared her victory to this V. Anna sat above him for a few seconds as he smiled in orgasmic sensation and of his achievement, but his victory was short lived as Anna turned around to the V and said "Now my eggs need nourishment" and unhinged her jaw and devoured this V.

The genes this mate passed onto Anna would grow into thousands of eggs which Anna would finally birth, but before they could hatch Erica destroyed them. Only 6 remained, but crippled, and Anna killed them leaving this mate's sacrifice truly in vain.