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The uniforms and clothes worn by visitors in the new and original series varies.

The Visitors

2009 Anna with two officers in their attire

(2009) Designs Edit


Anna in Supreme commander attire

Visitor High Commander clothes Edit

The High Commanders wears various clothing these include fancy dresses, skirts and appear as visitor made from a type of fabric these clothes are usually blue but can range in color.The Male variations have yet to be seen,It is most likely similar to male officers Clothes.

Marcus 2

Male Officers Attire

Officers(Officials) clothes Edit

The Visitors High ranking officers usually wear blue visitor clothes Made from visitors fabric.Female visitor offices usually wear dresses or dresses or skirts with grey visitor coats over them. Males Wear visitor style black business suits or visitor fabric made suits.

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Visitor medical Atire

Medical uniforms

Medical uniforms are long silver coats.male and females presumably wear the same attire.

V ep2 1

Security officers

Military\Security Uniforms

Visitors who are security officers usually wear blue or black shirt uniforms but it has also been seen that military liasons can wear red uniforms which presumably represent their rank.Other guard have also been seen to wear uniforms made out of visitor fabric. On the back of the uniform, it has the symbol V with the words "over center" in the Visitor language.


Lisa in peace ambasador jacket

Visitor Peace Ambassador Jackets Edit

The Peace Ambassador Jackets were worn by the Peace Ambassadors in their quest to bring peace these jackets had a triangle on the right sleeve and had a blue and white color it was revealed to also have a live broadcasting camera.


V Uniforms

(1983-85) designs Edit

These designs were more militaristic.

Number of Stripes depicts rank.

  • Supreme commander (5)
  • Squadron Commander(3)
  • Inspector General(4)
  • Commander(3)
  • Captain and Others (2)

Supreme Commander attire

Supreme Commander Edit

The Supreme Commander's Uniform was orange with the Visitor Logo On The Left and 5 stripes on the right it included a belt.

Officers Uniforms Edit

The Officers wore orange uniforms with stripes depicting rank these uniforms had the visitor logos,with belts they sometimes wore glasses.These uniforms could also have caps.


Elite shocktroopers



Shock Troopers Edit

shock trooper wore uniforms with visors and orange militaristic design and did not have rank. They some times had black uniforms or orange uniforms. Elite wore white.

See also Edit

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