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Visitor Doctor
V doctor
Visitor Doctor
New (2009)
Doctor at the New York City Visitor Healing Center
Portrayed by

When Valerie Stevens becomes concerned about her pregnancy, she visits the Visitor Healing Center. The Visitor doctor initially gives her an R6 injection and informs her that it is a vitamin shot that is good both for her and her baby. As he scans her, he notices that the baby is not a normal human baby, but a hybrid. Valerie Stevens wants to see her scan, but he becomes more forceful and commands her to sit. He picks up a sharp instrument as Valerie Stevens starts to panic and want to go, and is about to strike her with it (probably to sedate her) when Ryan appears and kills him. Ryan administers a suicide pill to the doctor, before he and Valerie Stevens escape the Healing Center.("We Can't Win")

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