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"I'm so appreciative of your trust; your confidence; your loyalty"

French Captain
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French Captain
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One of the captains of the 29 motherships who met a unfortunate end by Anna.

Red RainEdit

When Red Sky was released onto Earth prematurely, a rumor (possibly perpetrated by him) stating Anna was infected by human emotion, and was proving to be illequiped to be Queen. The Captains of the 29 motherships met with Anna on the New York ship do discuss the premature release of Red Sky and the possibility that Anna is infected with Human emotion.

During the meeting, the Captain was caught speaking to a fellow officer which resulted in Anna staring at him furiously. During the meeting Anna states that the early release of Red Sky was all part of her plan and reassures them that she has not been infected by human emotion. In order to redeem herself and prove she is not infected by human emotion she repeatedly strikes the captain with her tail eventually resulting in the ripping of the Captains left side of the face,

The captains true face

exposing the Visitors' true identity. Anna then states "I may wear this skin, but I never forget what we are beneath" and impales the captain with her tail resulting in his death.

The Captain made his first and last appearance during Red Rain.

Trivia Edit

He is the only adult Visitor who doesn't seem to have slitted eyes so far.

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