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Visitor High Commander Anna

The Visitor High Commander is a rank- possibly the highest- within the Visitor hierarchy. It is the equivalent of the original series' Supreme Commander rank. The only High Commander seen in the series thus far has been Anna- since she is consistently referred to as the High Commander, it seems that she is the only High Commander among the Visitors on Earth, assuming there are others among the race at all. The rank may be automatically conferred upon Visitor Queens, just as the President of the United States is automatically the Commander-in-Chief of the US armed forces. It is also possible that the title is one of Anna's deceptions, choosing to mask her true title upon her arrival to a planet populated mostly by democracies.

Appearence Edit

The Visitor High Commander wears custom-made Visitor clothes such as many styles of dresses and sharp suits, usually with no adornments or decoration whatsoever. The High Commander does not appear to wear a specific type of uniform, unlike many other Visitors. Anna is seen to usually dress in shades of dark grey and black, rarely favoring any colors. It is not clear if this wardrobe represents a uniform or socially acceptable style for the High Commander, or if they reflect Anna's personal preferences.

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