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"The fleets in striking range of Earth"
Picture 9

The breeding ships leaving a planet and heading to Earth.


The Breeding Ships, or the Armada or the Fleet or the Cloak ships is a set of 538 spaceships which are seen heading to Earth and orbiting Earth.


The Breeding Ships are twice as large as the motherships on Earth. But resemble the motherships except they have metal strips which pull inward when travelling through space and outward when they stop.

The fleet travel in a V formation each consisting of five breeding ships per V formation.

The ships radiate a green light, unlike the motherships.


The purpose is to transport millions or billions of V's to Earth, so that they would later collect the human females and breed with them so the V's can evolve with mankinds finest genetic material.

V fleet

The Visitor breeding ship and Concordia below.

They orbit the Earth whilst the V's below announce Concordia, a set of 538 buildings across the world, which are said to be a way for humans to use Visitor technology but in actual fact is a landing pad for the Visitor ships. Once completed, the Breeding Ships are to land on the buildings and disperse the soldiers to collect the human females.


The Breeding Ships are able to cloak themselves away from all forms of human technology, however radar is said to detect them and requires V's technology to "piggyback" so they won't be detected. They are also invisible to telescopes and other forms. However, are not invisible to a device which detects a blue energy

The ships detected by the device that sees blue energy


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