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"We Can't Win"
We can't win

20 April 2010
Running time
Written by
Christine Roum
Cameron Litvack
Directed by
David Barrett
Dawn Chubai - News Reporter #2
Ernesto Griffith - Pributi Chima
Ken Camroux-Taylor - Victor Caruso
Nicholas Carella - Alex Caruso
John Samaha - Guest #1
Lucas Wolf - Samuel
Gilles Tanguay - V Doctor
Giles Panton - V Nurse

"We Can't Win" is the eighth episode of Season 1 of V. It aired on April 20, 2010.


Chad and Anna are in Geneva for the U.N. Energy Summit, where Anna is going to present a gift of technology to the world. Meanwhile, Erica learns that the V Task Force is investigating The Fifth Column, and Valerie goes on the run, knowing something is different about her baby and not sure she can trust Ryan.

V Season 1
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