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Will Lerner
Will lerner
Will Lerner
New (2009)
Unknown, Presumed Dead
New York MTA Employee
Portrayed by
Michael Karl Richards

Will Lerner works in the New York MTA, and was selected for the live aboard program by the Visitors. Erica infects him with a DNA virus so as to upset the Visitor DNA harvesting for their Breeding Program. She does this by planting the virus into his morning coffee.

Lerner collapsing

Lerner collapsing as he arrives on the New York Mothership

As he arrives at the New York Mothership, Will begins to feel unwell, and collapses as he is about to check-in. He is rushed to the medical facility, where Joshua discovers evidence of the DNA virus and its potential side-effects on their DNA harvesting if it had gone undetected. Anna orders everyone to be rescreened, cleaned and then all those carrying the virus are to be labeled as Fifth Column in order to explain their execution. Will Lerner is painted as a suicide bomber who killed himself aboard the New York mothership. The virus plan failed, but the good news is that the world now knows that the Fifth Column is still around. ("Uneasy Lies the Head")

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